Where to buy the best affordable wall art prints online to spruce up your home for 2022

Top Tips for Buying Affordable Wall Art Prints Online

be vintage

Another way to find affordable original art is to buy vintage: a stylist’s trick is to take an old portrait or still life at a flea market or flea market and crop it to create a unique piece that will add character to a modern interior. . The question, while the shops are closed, is where to find such pieces – which is what prompted Sara Allom to set up The Vintage Art Gallery last year. The paintings she sells may have no history, as the artist is generally unknown, but prices start from £30 and, as she points out, “They can bring something unique home – whether it’s heritage paint tones or familiar beach landscapes reminiscent of childhood adventures.

Get off the beaten track

Complete your collection with furniture created by artists. Woolwich Contemporary Studio, a new art and interiors platform from gallery owner Lizzie Glendinning, offers limited-edition fabrics and wallpapers, with designs and patterns designed by emerging artists for a totally contemporary art experience. immersive. Options range from colorful prints to a life-size mural inspired by the pool at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, outside Rome, for the ultimate wall mural (see above). Commissioning a bespoke mural is another way to incorporate an original work: Diane Hill hand paints intricate chinoiserie style wallpapers and abstract murals that transform a wall into a true work of art.

How to buy art online

  1. Do Your Research Before You Start Browsing: It’s important to “have a look around” and feel comfortable in your own tastes before making a purchase. Take the time to look online or in magazines so that you are confident in your style.
  2. I would always suggest visiting galleries and museums and buying postcards of works you love to start creating an image of what you gravitate towards, but I find you can do the same with Instagram. All of our artists have Instagram accounts that show off their work and process, and I also like to follow art schools such as @sladeschool, @royaldrawingschool and @thegreatwomenartists.
  3. My main advice when buying online is to not be afraid to ask questions. We love to chat with our clients about artworks that interest them and are always happy to share more information about the artist and medium of the artwork. We will also often send additional images or videos to the customer so they have a chance to really see the texture and detail of a piece before buying it.

How to make your photos stand out

  • Once you’ve chosen a piece, think about framing to show it off to its best. Georgia Spray suggests working with a framer rather than buying off the shelf: “It’s more expensive, but your artwork should be something you want to live with forever, so it’s worth the investment .” Some framers are currently open to click-and-collect.
  • When hanging, consider whether you want a gallery arrangement or one or two pieces on the wall: “I like hanging artwork together at home because I really like the visual stimulation,” says Sim Takhar, “but hanging a large piece on its own will give it a calmer air.
  • There is no set rule on the best height to hang pictures, and it will all depend on the height of your ceilings and the furniture in the room. Hanging at eye level is a good rule of thumb, but consider whether it’s a room you normally hang out in, like a hallway, or sit in, like a living room.
  • “I try not to get too attached to the idea that once a work is hung, it should stay there,” says Spray. “Be open to moving things around; it can breathe new life into a room.
  • If you’re going for a gallery wall, Takhar advises not to want to finish it too much in one go. “You can rush out and think you need to fill the wall with artwork, but then it can get stale pretty quickly. Allow for a few gaps that you can fill when you find the right parts.

How to choose the right prints for your living room at home

According to Annica Wallin, executive creative director of popular online print store Desenio, it’s all about choosing what you love for your home.

“Choose prints that bring you joy and try mixing different styles for a balanced look. “graphic art. Mix as many artistic styles as you want, but try to stick to an overall color scheme. Aiming for two key colors is a good rule of thumb. Choose shades that harmonize and enhance your existing interior”

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