The fracture adds sparkle to the photo print with glass prints

A vibrantly colored Fracture glass photo print on a backing

ALACHUA, FLORIDA, USA, Aug. 25, 2022 / — Fracture, a Florida-based wall decor brand that prints photos directly onto glass, is changing photo printing as we know it. With over 1.4 million orders to date, Fracture photo printing transforms treasured memories such as family photos, pet photos, vacation photos and more into beautiful photo prints on glass.

To print photos on glass, Fracture cuts and prepares a piece of durable glass by hand, following the size specifications of this order. Next, Fracture’s UV Curved Ink is sprayed directly onto the glass, instantly making prints more durable and preventing fading over time or with exposure to sunlight. A glossy, opaque layer of white ink is then applied directly below the color layer, bringing the photo glass print to life and adding depth to the overall color. Finally, a lightweight foam backing is attached to the glass photo print, leaving it slightly offset from the wall and providing an extra layer of strength.

The tools to mount the Fracture Glass Photo Prints are included in the recyclable packaging, so hanging them up is hassle-free. Fracture also offers print media options for displaying glass photo prints on a table, shelf or other decor.

The company states that traditional methods of photo printing, such as canvas, framing, acrylic or metal, have several limitations that make them less suitable than printing photos on glass. Fracture takes photo printing to the next level, emphasizing the elegance and modernity that comes with photo prints on glass. Notable features of photo glass printing include color accuracy, scratch resistance, low profile wall hanging, environmental friendliness, longevity with UV protection, texture free appearance, affordability and ease of display. With these unique functional and aesthetic upgrades, glass photo prints enhance the look of any room.

Since the company was founded in 2009, Fracture has expanded its product line and features to provide more variety and customization. Customers can choose between an anti-reflective matte finish or an original reflective finish. Fracture’s original reflective glass catches the light with elegance. It offers brilliant depth and the traditional shine associated with framed photos. On the other hand, matte glass prints are ideal for brightly lit rooms. The matte surface significantly reduces reflections compared to original glass prints. Additionally, Fracture Glass Photo Prints can be ordered as a set to create unique photo arrangements.

Fracture Photo Walls allow customers to easily create and display a beautiful custom gallery wall of photo prints. Each Fracture Photo Wall layout includes between 3 and 6 prints, depending on the type of layout, and customers can choose to follow a theme for a cohesive photo gallery wall. As a guide, each photo wall comes with a paper template that outlines hanging instructions and shows exactly where to place each screw, ensuring the photo prints on glass will be perfectly spaced. As an added bonus, Fracture Photo Walls are offered at a discounted price for a seamless bulk buying experience.

Fracture Storyboard is made of solid wood and designed to safely display photo prints on glass. Once customers have printed photo-on-glass with Fracture, they can use Storyboard’s unique grooved surface to easily slide, layer and change photo-on-glass prints to tell a unique story. With its sleek and modern design, Storyboard fits effortlessly into almost any space. Fracture offers Storyboard in beautiful stains of Maple, Espresso, or Midnight to match customers’ spaces and personal style. In addition to posting photo prints on glass on Storyboard, customers can add flowers, candles, or treasured keepsakes to make it their own.

To share the love of photo printing and encourage others to print photos on glass, Fracture offers physical and digital gift cards. Fracture Gift Cards allow families, friends and loved ones to celebrate the memories they have made together or the memories they will soon make. Gift cards can be mailed or quickly emailed to recipients. Each card comes with instructions that make it easy to start photo printing and has no expiration date.

With glowing customer reviews, Fracture has certainly made its mark in the photo printing industry. Fracture photo printing products are available for purchase from the official Fracture website and ship worldwide from Alachua, Florida.

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