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Art’s family and Mary Carlson are gathering at the Marquette Maritime Museum on Saturday, September 17 and 17 to donate a collection of prints by maritime artist Jim Clary to the museum. Shown with framed artist proofs of the Carl D. Bradley, left, and Edmund Fitzgerald are, left to right, Tori Nanstad, Andy Slaven, Pat Burke, Patti Slaven, Mary Carlson, Art Carlson, Fred Rydholm and Brian Slaven. (Photo courtesy of Marquette Maritime Museum)

By journal staff

MARQUETTE – The Art Family and Mary Carlson donated a collection of prints by maritime artist and author Jim Clary to the Marquette Maritime Museum on Saturday, September 17

The collection includes unframed lithographs, framed prints, framed artist’s proofs and noted prints. The collection was given to Art Carlson throughout his 15-year friendship with Clary, while a few were purchased by Art and Mary Carlson.

According to the museum, Art Carlson volunteered at Clary’s gallery on weekends in upstate St. Clair on behalf of the artist for years. As payment, Clary gave him signed prints. Clary always gave him the print numbered 1000/1000 for Art Carlson to tell everyone that “my print number is on everyone’s print.”

The collection offered includes a series of prints and pen drawings based on the Edmund Fitzgerald’s 1994 Shannon Expedition. Claire passed away in 2018.

Some of the prints will go into the museum’s permanent collection, with a special exhibition of the Edmund Fitzgerald series on display during the 2023 season. The museum will set up a page on its website to display prints for sale in the near future.

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