The Best Photo Printing Services for Greeting Cards and Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or the Solstice, or just want to reach out for New Year’s Day, sending a card is a great way to stay in touch and show that you you care about them. Even better, personalized cards with photos of your family members and pets. Here we explain the capabilities of several online services that can produce the personalized greeting cards you need. If you want to go beyond a simple card, mugs and other items emblazoned with your photos always make welcome holiday gifts; many of the services listed here also provide them.

Edit your photos first

Sending family photo cards is an age-old tradition for holiday missives. The services in this roundup offer a variety of design templates suitable for festive greeting cards for a variety of holidays. Alternatively, you can opt for the more generic Happy New Year or Season’s Greetings cards. You can go cookie-cutter or as personalized as you want with most of them, but you’ll probably start from a template featuring holiday season themes. Before uploading your photos to any of these services, be sure to enhance them with the best photo editing software or mobile photo editing apps. Most card printing services only offer limited photo editing tools, and a little editing using a dedicated photo editing app will yield the best results.

How much does it cost to print your own cards and gifts?

Card prices range from as low as 33 cents for a small single-sided postcard at Walmart to $4.10 per card for a rounded-corner gold foil card from Mpix. Some services, such as Printique, let you buy a single card, while others, like Nations Photo Lab, let you start with a minimum of 25 cards at $1.31 each. You usually pay less per card when you buy larger quantities. Even the lowest lots are still cheaper per card than buying cards from a physical store, and this way you can include your own photos for a personalized touch.

Most services mail the cards and finished products to you, and with some services you can choose to have them mailed directly to the recipients. CVS and Walmart offer you the option of picking up your cards in store the same day they are ordered. In contrast, print quality on same-day products depends on your local branch’s equipment and supplies.

What can you print besides cards?

Gift options for these services include not only the aforementioned mugs, but also large framed photos and large canvas prints. You could pay anywhere from $15 to hundreds of dollars for a large, professional quality canvas print. And photo prints are just the beginning of what these companies offer. Your photos can adorn an incredible assortment of objects, from timely cloth face masks to shower curtains to iPhone cases. If you’re going to buy these gifts anyway, why not personalize them? Read on for our top picks for putting your photos on your greeting cards and gifts.

Elaine F. Brim