The 21 best fine art prints to buy in the 2021 edition

Congratulations, you have just had your first bachelor pad or you have thrown away the posters of your 14 years, or, it is quite an achievement, your childhood. Now, even though you have all your Ikea furniture spread out all over the space, it still seems, for some reason, empty and bland. So, it’s probably time to hang some art on your walls before people start thinking you’re a personalityless psychopath.

Why should I buy artwork or art prints?

You may think that art is just an expensive and posh hobby for the well-to-do, but in fact art prints are an effective and enjoyable way to show others who you are, what you value, your perspective on the culture and the world itself. You might want a picture of Gianni Agnelli on your wall to show your desire to be successful, sophisticated and cool or maybe your love for relaxation will see you hanging one of David Hockney’s paintings on your wall. You might even choose to put together something more abstract like a collection of skateboards. Your personal curation of artwork and/or art prints is really a representation of yourself which, just like the clothes you wear and the car you drive, is quite important and well worth your time. and your money.

The second key reason you should consider immersing yourself in the world of art and fine art prints is that it shows that you are cultured. By this we mean that you are aware of the world around you and the other people, places, things and ideas within it, which everyone will respect.

What kind of art should I get?

We’ve boiled down the rather convoluted and contrived art world into two key styles and mediums that will work well in any bachelor pad. We recognize that we haven’t included all “artwork” styles and mediums, but these two are your safest and most affordable bets.


You have all seen a photo, you have certainly taken one too. This is a simple method to capture a specific place or person at a specific time. While you might think you have great photos of a sunset or once you’ve been to Italy, they probably suck, and when viewed on something larger than the screen of your iPhone, they will probably look like they are made up of four pixels. As simple as photography may seem, it is best left to the professionals. Below you can see a great selection of ultra-cool photos of celebrities, architecture, cars and landscapes.


Once an artist has created a print, it is fairly simple to reproduce and therefore generally less expensive than other art forms. This accessibility and ease of production has made fine art prints both a very popular medium for artists and a popular choice for singles. There’s a range of cool art prints to suit your style and personality, whether it’s your love of cars, your passion for drinking or your desire to relax; there is an art print for you.

While it might seem like a daunting and expensive task to adorn your notebook with the coolest artwork you can, we’ve found a selection of affordable, timeless, and ultra-cool art prints just for you. .

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Elaine F. Brim