Rifle Paper Co. Sale: Buy BOGO Fine Art Prints


Hanging artwork on your walls is an easy way to enhance your space, and it’s a great time to add a few new prints to your current gallery wall. Rifle Paper Co., one of the most beloved stationery, art and home decor brands, is hosting its annual BOGO Fine Art Print Sale, so you can buy two whimsical prints for the price of one up to March 24.

Each art print is based on hand-painted illustrations by Anna Bond, co-founder and creative director of Rifle Paper Co. Choose from bright flowers, uplifting quotes, travel destinations, adorable animals and much more, all created in Rifle Paper Co.’s distinctive style.

Prints start at just $24 and you can choose your preferred size. There’s also the option to add a frame in one of five finishes for $65 and up. (Framed prints will ship in two to three weeks.) The two-for-one discount will be applied at checkout.

Take a look below for the prints we find most delightful.

Juliet Rose Art Print (from $24; riflepaperco.com)

Rifle Paper Co. is perhaps best known for its colorful flowers. Add a bouquet to your wall for less now.

Swan Art Print (from $24; riflepaperco.com)

Swan Art Print

These swans floating placidly on a blooming lake make for a calming picture to hang up in these uncertain times.

Lemonade Lemons Art Print (from $24; riflepaperco.com)

Lemonade Lemons Art Print

This bright, fruit-filled print is a literal version of the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

You are the Bee’s Knees art print (from $24; riflepaperco.com)

You're the bee's knees Art Print

Gift this print, featuring gold metallic ink, to a friend or loved one to let them know they’re your queen bee.

Hairbrush Art Print (from $24; riflepaperco.com)

Hairbrush Art Print

Art is for every part of your home! This hairbrush illustration would look great in the bathroom.

Bon Voyage NYC Art Print (from $24; riflepaperco.com)

Bon Voyage NYC Art Print

Take inspiration from travel when the pandemic passes, with prints that showcase the highlights of a favorite destination. Choose from cities around the world, including the Big Apple.

Dog Days of Summer Art Print (from $24; riflepaperco.com)

Dog Days of Summer Art Print

You don’t have to own a dog to display 20 of man’s best friends in your home.

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Elaine F. Brim