Photographer Introduces Photo Printing Technique In Comprehensive New Guide

“Using Japanese Paper for the Digital Printing of Photographs” by Carl-Evert Jonsson

Visual art can tell a story in different ways. In Carl-Evert Jonsson’s new book, “Using Japanese Paper for Digital Photo Printing”, he shares a collection of photos he has printed using this convenient and stylish method over the years.

Throughout the book, Jonsson describes the various techniques and mediums he uses, from Japanese paper known as Washi to classic egg oil methods for abstract paintings and collages. His photographs throughout the pages illustrate these techniques and how they have changed his experience as an artist.

This new form of photography only requires a computer, a printer, Washi and photos. Jonsson shares various images of the Acropolis of Athens at work in laboratories to give his audience examples of how this technique differs from traditional printing.

Ultimately, “Using Japanese Paper for Digital Photograph Printing” will teach photographers and readers how to experiment with this style of printing and incorporate it masterfully into their work. At the end of the book, readers will understand how to use Japanese papers for photography and discover the history of this new art form.

“Use of Japanese paper for the digital printing of photographs”

By Carl Evert Jonsson

ISBN: 978-1-6655-8881-2 (softcover); 978-1-6655-8882-9 (e-book)

Available from AuthorHouse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Carl-Evert Jonsson was born in Umeå, Sweden, and has always been interested in art. As a teenager, he loved to draw, work with watercolors and take photos and has always integrated his passion into his everyday life. Several years later, Jonsson earned his MD and Ph.D. from Uppsala University, specializing in reconstructive surgery, and has dedicated his career to caring for others. He then trained at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. Later in his career, he specialized in split nose deformities and studied in Paris and Mexico City. Jonsson has also published several publications in medical journals about his techniques and findings. At 70, he finished his career as a surgeon. Before retiring, he took air lessons to learn new techniques while working full time. For 25 years, painting has been his main interest. Jonsson recently published his first book, “Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs,” a new technique he learned and hopes to teach others. He currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

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