Persnickety Prints app announced for online photo printing

Orem – Founder and CEO, Chari Pack, gave the perfect solution to cherish those thousands of digital photos that are on our phones. They are transformed from single pixels and come to life with state-of-the-art studio print quality. Chari first put her love of storytelling to work with Persnickety Prints, making photo printing efficient without hurting the bank account. With the world of technology changing so rapidly, she followed the trends and launched the Persnickety Prints Box app – an interactive photo app offering users the chance to receive a personalized photo box each month – your memories delivered to your doorstep .

There are endless ways to use Persnickety photos, from keeping simple prints, using some for wall decor, creating photo books and more. Chari, being an innovator herself, wanted her users to be creative when preserving those beautiful, everlasting memories. His photos are meant to last for generations so he can constantly share those moments that life has in store for us. Additionally, there is little to no trust when relying on other digital platforms to store photos – there may be a day when everything can go offline, and all stored memories disappear. That’s why its mission is that the Persnickety Prints Box app helps save all our photo stories for the next generation and avert a future digital dark age.

The tech world has become a male-dominated industry, nevertheless, Chari Pack is headstrong with all of her accomplishments: Persnickety Prints Box being one of them. Few women can find funding in the tech space for their projects, but Chari beat those odds. She managed to start Persnickety to be where it is today because. She knew her insights were valuable. She was determined to stick to her values ​​to show what a woman is capable of.
The Persnickety Box app is available on IOS and Android. Download today and subscribe to receive your own personalized Persnickety photo box to support another Utah entrepreneur and women in tech.

Elaine F. Brim