My Personalized Wallet Launches Full Color Photo Printing Capability

Offer a fully customizable product for many

My Custom Wallet, a growing slim wallet brand in Boston, has announced that it will offer a fully customizable slim wallet. My personalized wallets have the ability to print a color photo on a slim men’s wallet. This type of printing process has never been done before. Allowing full customization gives their customers the ability to take full ownership of their slim wallet.

A My Personalized Wallet is a slim RFID blocking wallet made from high performance aluminum. The slim wallet holds up to 12 cards plus cash and features RFID blocking technology to prevent skimming of user’s credit card data. Their printing process is unique to them, which allows My Personalized Wallet to offer a refreshing program to its customers. Providing excellent customer service and a one-of-a-kind product is what My Personalized Wallet stands for.

“We wanted customers to be able to put beautiful, high-resolution, full-color image quality on their wallets, to show their loved ones how much they care,” explains founder Stefanie. “We developed My Personalized Wallet to offer a completely unique wallet like no other on the market.”

More information about My Personalized Wallet and their fully customizable wallets can be found at

About My Personalized Wallet

My Custom Wallet is a slim wallet brand that brings minimalist wallets to life with their fully customizable printing process. The My Personalized Wallet brand is committed to taking an everyday item and making it completely designed for an individual. As a leading wallet brand, My Personalized Wallet elevates what was considered the standard in wallet design with its full color photo printing capabilities.

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