Kodak Moments Launches Compact, Affordable Photo Printing Experience to Drive Traffic to Physical Retailers

ROCHESTER, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kodak Moments, a leading global provider of photo products and services to retailers, consumers and entertainment establishments, has launched M1 Order Station, a smartphone-focused printing kiosk designed to provide a solution affordable and scalable photo printing solution for retailers. .

The latest solution provides a high-quality printing experience without a large investment in capital or floor space. With the intuitive Kodak Moments Retail software, customers can quickly transfer photos from their smartphone and create photo prints, cards and collages in minutes. The M1 Command Station is available as a counter unit or as a freestanding unit suitable for customer service centers or high traffic areas.

“Consumer demand for photo printing is still strong today,” said Michael Graham, Senior Product Manager, Kodak Moments. “To be successful, retailers need to provide a streamlined, user-friendly system to their customers. We designed the M1 with a customer-centric experience that sparks interaction while driving traffic and building customer loyalty. We’re seeing interest from a variety of retailers looking to leverage over a trillion photos taken by consumers each year. »

“Smartphones are changing the face of the photo printing industry and retail kiosks are changing the way consumers interact with brands,” said Nicki Zongrone, president of Kodak Moments. “Our goal with the M1 Command Station is to provide retailers looking to enter the photo printing category with a convenient, simple and affordable solution that serves their customers and generates additional in-store revenue.”

With the rapid market transformation and growing demand for high-quality photo products, consumers value and expect convenience and a seamless, personalized experience more than ever. Zongrone added, “The carefully crafted ‘Kodak Moments’ products are recognized around the world for their ability to enhance consumers’ favorite photos and transform their memories into lasting prints.

The new M1 command station offers retailers powerful advantages:

● Additional revenue generation and traffic generator

● Affordable and compact printing solution

● Intuitive and easy to use software experience

● Prints from smartphones, USB and camera cards

● Create high quality prints, cards and collages

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For more information visit: www.kodakmoments.com/M1

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