Heart Evangelista and Brandon Boyd’s collaborative art prints will be released this week

Heart Evangelista has announced that their collaborative art prints featuring Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd’s collaborative art prints will be released this week.

According to her recent Instagram post, the prints will be available for purchase starting July 14 at 10 a.m. (Manila time) via Secret Fresh Gallery.

Titled “neon people”, these prints will be available in two sizes: an 18×33 inch signed edition and a 9×16 inch embossed edition. These are also available to fans around the world.

Heart and Brandon first met in August 2021 to begin working on their collaborative project. This project is produced under the Moonlight Arts Collective, a virtual gallery co-founded by Brandon.

In an interview last year, Heart shared that she started painting at the start of the lockdown in the Philippines. It was her first time trying out a flowing style of painting.

She also said she did the painting with advocacy in mind.

“In our country, it’s really, really bad now and I did my part in secret, whatever. But I needed something to give me a boost, and I didn’t know if anyone one was going to buy my painting because it’s so huge,” Heart said in the video.

“But I needed money to buy tablets because many people couldn’t go to school. [They] don’t have mobile phones or tablets and this is the only way for them to go to school,” she added.

Luckily the painting was purchased and Heart was able to purchase 500 tablets.

For Brandon’s part in the project, he said he loved painting the eyes and went with what Heart wanted.

“I like the way you left some of [the people in the painting] with one eye and so I just ran with that. I painted some as almost crying with downcast eyes. And I caught some of your brush strokes with my acrylic graffiti pens,” he said. “I kind of ran with your idea and your vibe and tried to infuse some of my observation into your painting.” —Nika Roque/JCB, GMA News

Elaine F. Brim