‘Haunted’ added to Cook and Becker’s Witcher 3 art print collection

Will we ever get tired of new releases of art prints based on The Witcher 3? It seems unlikely. Fortunately, art dealer Cook and Becker adds another The Witcher 3 art print to his collection. The latest addition, “Haunted,” comes from Studio Ronin artist Christopher Shy. “Haunted” is a limited edition piece of art, available in two sizes – 26 H x 17 W inches ($99.00) and 39 H x 26 W inches ($249.00). Prices increase based on framing preferences. Both pieces are expected to ship later this month.

Since the art print is a limited edition, Cook and Becker will only produce a set number of each size. The smaller of the two is limited to 250 coins; meanwhile, the tallest will only see 48 in total. Interested fans should probably act fast if they want to get a “Haunted” impression.

Take a look at the art print in the post below from The witcher’s Twitter:

The image depicts Geralt of Rivia, standing in the middle of a field of freshly slain monsters. Ciri stands beside him, alongside what appears to be a Leshen. However, Christopher Shy’s art leaves all of the above up to interpretation. Is Ciri really present with Geralt? Or does her almost translucent appearance mean she only exists as a memory or dream for him? Anyway, what does that say about the Leshen? “Haunted” seems the perfect title for this art print.

This isn’t the first time Cook and Becker have teamed up with CD Projekt RED. The Art Dealer has a host of other fine art based on The Witcher 3as well as an impressive art collection focused on Cyberpunk 2077.

[Source: Cook and Becker via The Witcher on Twitter]

Elaine F. Brim