Fracture’s Innovative Photo-to-Glass Technology Disrupts the Wall Decor Industry

The premium glass front and foam backing of a Fracture glass photo print on a backing.

ALACHUA, FLORIDA, USA, July 19, 2022 / — Fracture, a Florida-based wall decor brand, prints digital images directly onto glass. Fractured Glass Photo Prints offer a step up from traditional framed photos, emphasizing elegance and modernity that enhance the look of any room. With over 1.4 million orders to date, Fracture photo printing turns family photos, favorite artwork, hand-drawn creations or office signage into photo prints on glass.

To begin the photo printing process, Fracture cuts and prepares a piece of durable glass by hand, following the size specifications for this order. Next, Fracture’s UV Curved Ink is sprayed directly onto the glass, instantly making prints durable and preventing fading over time or with exposure to sunlight. A glossy, opaque layer of white ink is then applied directly below the color layer, bringing the photo glass print to life and adding depth to the overall color. Finally, a lightweight foam backing is attached to the glass photo print, leaving it slightly offset from the wall and providing an extra layer of strength.

Tools to mount the Fracture Glass Photo Prints are included in the eco-friendly packaging, so hanging them up is hassle-free. Fracture also offers print media options for displaying glass photo prints on a table, shelf or other decor.

Fracture is proud to offer innovative solutions to reduce its carbon production. With the help of the non-profit organization We Are Neutral, Fracture became completely carbon neutral in 2015. In 2020 alone, Fracture managed to offset 573.07 tonnes of carbon. Today, Fracture remains committed to this path by producing a sustainable low-waste product (photo prints on glass) and shipping it in durable, recyclable packaging. Additionally, in order to save paper and stay environmentally friendly, Fracture does not include paper invoices or receipts in their boxes; instead, they are sent electronically to customers via email. From glass to production to packaging, Fracture is committed to a low carbon footprint.

In the summer of 2019, Fracture moved from downtown Gainesville to a new 30,000 square foot facility on the outskirts of Gainesville in Alachua, Florida. From the start, Fracture focused on the value of lightly treading the planet with its ease. It started with the most basic things like Fracture’s power source; they run entirely on solar energy. Factors such as facility construction, installation, and reducing the amount of air conditioning use have been carefully integrated into Fracture’s day-to-day operations. “It was a huge project – one of the most complicated things we’ve ever done,” says Abhi Lokesh, co-founder and CEO of Fracture. “But it was definitely worth it.”

Since the company was founded in 2009, Fracture has expanded its product line and features to provide more variety and customization. Customers can choose between an anti-reflective matte finish or an original reflective finish. Fractured Glass Photo Prints can also be ordered as a set to create unique arrangements.

Fracture Photo Walls allow customers to easily create and display a beautiful custom gallery wall. Each Fracture Photo Wall layout includes between 3 and 6 prints, depending on the type of layout, and customers can choose to follow a theme for a cohesive photo gallery wall. As a guide, each photo wall comes with a paper template that outlines hanging instructions and shows exactly where to place each screw, ensuring that the photo prints on glass will be perfectly spaced. As an added bonus, Fracture Photo Walls are offered at a discounted price for a seamless bulk buying experience.

Fracture Storyboard is made of solid wood and designed to safely display photo prints on glass. Its unique grooved surface allows customers to easily slide, layer and change photo-on-glass prints to tell a unique story. With its sleek and modern design, Storyboard fits effortlessly into almost any space. Fracture offers Storyboard in beautiful stains of Maple, Espresso, or Midnight to match customers’ spaces and personal style. Plus, Storyboard isn’t just for displaying photos on glass; guests can add flowers, candles or treasured keepsakes to make it their own.

With glowing customer reviews, Fracture has certainly made its mark in the photo printing arena. Lokesh says Fracture plans to continually improve its existing photo-on-glass products and introduce new features as its reputation as the premier wall decor brand grows. “From there, it’s really about geographic expansion,” says Lokesh. “We have shipped to over a hundred countries, but international sales represent only a small minority of our orders. There’s a whole world of customers, artworks, images and moments that matter. We’ve come this far, and I still feel like we’re just scratching the surface. It’s been a phenomenal ride, but the idea that we can get even bigger and better, I want to go all the way. »

Fracture photo printing products are available for purchase from the official Fracture website and ship worldwide from Alachua, Florida.

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