Echo to Release Limited Pink Floyd Art Prints, WolfSkullJack Up Friday


Echo Print Gallery partners with artists throughout the year to present new prints celebrating the iconic band Pink Floyd. Each print will be an artwork inspired by the band and their music, and the first is a killer piece by a super talented artist. WolfSkullJack. His piece will pay tribute to their show of October 13, 1973 in Vienna, Austria. The print will be available in three variations: a gallery edition limited to 175 pieces for $55, a lava foil variant, and a rainbow foil variant. The latter two will be limited to 75 each, costing $80. You can see the gallery version below.

Pink Floyd by WolfSkullJack

WolfSkullJack’s Pink Floyd Is A Rock Fans Dream Come True

“ECHO is proud to announce the 2021 Pink Floyd Print Series. This officially licensed, limited edition series will feature some of today’s biggest and brightest visual artists, creating works inspired by Pink Floyd. The first in the series is a print by artist WolfSkullJack commemorating Floyd’s Pink Performance on October 13, 1973 in Vienna, Austria. This print will be available beginning Friday, February 19 from 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST.

My dad introduced me to Pink Floyd when I was, but a little pup, and Dark Side of the Moon was a regular on the record player. I am eternally grateful to have inherited his excellent musical taste! When I work for musicians, I like to put their music out by drawing and inking to try to capture the essence of the band, and I think that shines through here. The art is heavily influenced by Time and Breathe, two of my favorites, in reference to Breathe’s “Run, rabbit run” lyrics. The wolves in my work are often ethereal/celestial creatures that represent time and space. The wolf is representative as part of the rabbit’s natural life cycle in an entirely natural way rather than something sinister.” – WolfSkullJack.”

Other artists in this Pink Floyd series will be announced soon. They also offer subscription, with subscription-exclusive variants. Only 50 of them are available. For more information and to try your luck at getting that first impression by WolfSkullJack, head here.

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