Dunfermline: Fire Station Creative Launches Website Selling Art Prints

PRINTS of artwork featured at Fire Station Creative can now find a place in your home.

Dunfermline Art Gallery has launched a new website with previously exhibited works now on sale as prints.

Gallery curator Ian Moir explained how the business started: “The idea came about when one of our young servers, Matthew Steven, volunteered to learn new skills elsewhere in the business.

“So I asked him to develop a website for the gallery. I knew he was a smart guy and could handle the task, but all of our expectations were exceeded.

“He did a great job of it!”

The new website – www.FSCPrints.com – offers prints of select artworks that have been on display in the gallery since the venue opened in 2015.

Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed and fingerprinted by the artist.

“This is an ideal chance for anyone who wants to have an affordable print, from our talented exhibitors, delivered straight to their doorstep,” added Matthew.

“I think the fingerprint certificate is our differentiator because it proves that we are committed to the values ​​of authenticity, excellence and value.”

Moir concluded, “Matthew’s success demonstrates that FSC functions well as a place of opportunity for employees, audiences and the broader arts community.”

Elaine F. Brim