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How photo printing capability adds value to park visitors:

Conversation with DNP’s Cliff Reeves

The Photo Imaging Division of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation offers award-winning digital photo printing solutions that provide personalized keepsake photos. DNP is a leading provider of theme parks and attractions, and the company is a regular exhibitor at IAAPA shows.

In today’s world where digital cameras, selfies and DIY photo shoots are ubiquitous, how do entertainment operators create value with onsite photo printing and market photo memories with customers? Cliff Reeves, Director of Sales at DNP, answered a few questions.

Please explain the role of photo printers in the attractions industry.
Cliff Reeves

We have a strong presence in this market. There are many commonalities between the event photography market and the attractions industry; we both sell experiences. Being able to market a customer’s experience with a printed photograph reinforces the enjoyment they had in the property.

Everyone carries a phone with a camera, constantly capturing as many photos as they want. Does it minimize the demand for photography sales?

The ability for anyone to take photos is greater than ever; however, consumers are not moving these images from their mobile devices to their homes. This serves to increase the value proposition of printed photos. We offer park operators the ability to quickly produce large quantities of high-quality images and capture their guests in the moment. Because consumers are printing less themselves, these readily available images are even more valuable.

What types of photo printers are available to amusement park operators?

There are actually two types of commonly used photo printers, inkjet and dye-sublimation. Inkjets spray drops of ink onto the paper, while sublimation uses a dry technique that diffuses the dye onto the paper. The dye is in the form of a ribbon, which is converted into gas by a heated printhead and absorbed by a special receiving layer on the paper.

What are the benefits of dye sublimation printers?

There are a variety of benefits, but for a fleet operator it often comes down to a much lower cost of ownership, including hardware, software and paper. Sublimation printing gives the user predictable costs. The price per print stays the same regardless of content and there are no expensive ink cartridges to refill. Plus, unlike ink technologies, there’s no smudging or smudging because prints come out dry to the touch as soon as they leave the printer, and prints are fingerprint, dust and dust resistant. to discoloration.

Where are fleet operators having the most success with photo printers?

Park operators often tell us that they have consistent success with mascot photos and entrance gate photography. For those branching out and looking to deploy photography in more areas of their park, they’ve had success with haunted attractions and seasonal events and even hiring a traveling photographer to capture guest photos.

Do you find that most of your customers who print to specification convert at a higher rate of sales opportunities?

A photo captures the emotion of a moment, and the keepsake photo of the park serves as a reminder of positive experiences and feelings. The keepsake photo package that customers take home as a personal keepsake helps reinforce the kind of emotional connection that can lead to repeat visits. Just as a shopper might buy a candy bar at the supermarket checkout, park visitors will make impulsive buying decisions at theme parks. Some parks find it pays to print photos to specifications. They drive sales by having prints on display and ready for purchase immediately after the guest leaves the ride. Short waiting times and easy circulation in the shopping area will increase the chances of a sale.

Do larger venues tend to have more success with onsite photo printing?

Not at all. Our systems are installed in large, well-known venues, but are just as often found in a range of smaller venues. The key is in the quality of the printer and having a quality camera for capturing, but everything else is just an extra. We have systems that start from $1000 and a venue only needs one camera to complete the system.

How are your top performing clients monetizing event photography at their properties?

We believe there are two rules that apply to maximizing profitability. The first is to take a photo that is difficult for people to take themselves, and the second is to provide the highest level of print quality. This means that we give our customers the ability to print a range of print sizes and finishes that cannot be duplicated by consumer inkjet printers and would otherwise be difficult to replicate. The most successful clients with higher margins don’t just offer traditional 4×6 images. • • •

Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) was established in 1876 as the first large-scale printing company in Japan. Today, the DNP Group is one of the largest printing/coating technology companies in the world. The company works with a variety of photo industry hardware and software specialists to assemble custom solutions for the digital photo processing and printing space.

At its 71 production plants around the world, DNP’s global businesses include commercial printing, packaging, decorative materials, electronics, business forms and information carriers. For more information on DNP’s professional photo printing solutions for the attractions industry, visit:


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