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What are the best printers for fine art prints?

Many printers are equipped to handle simple documents with poor quality photos or graphics. However, for creatives who need a dedicated printer for their artwork, high quality is essential to preserve their artistic vision.

If you need a printer for a physical copy of your hard work, the top choice is the Epson SureColor P900. It handles professional-grade media up to 17 inches for your fine art printing needs.

What to know before buying a printer for fine art prints

print size

Print size may limit your options. Anything above the usual size threshold of most printers requires a specialized inkjet capable of handling large sizes. Printers that can handle very large chunks are going to be more expensive. If you need a printer for simple documents and home use, check out this BestReviews buying guide for more information.

Paper type

There are many types of paper to print with, beyond size and shape. Some printers are not able to handle heavy clipboards. If you have a special type of paper you intend to use, check which printers can print efficiently with that particular material.


Larger printers that accommodate many types and sizes of materials take up more space than average printers. Plan enough space for the equipment you need and check the size of the printer before buying.

What to Look for in a Quality Printer for Fine Art Prints

Paper type

The best printers for fine art prints allow for a wide variety of paper types and weights. The material on which an artist prints is an important part of the artwork itself. Print fine art prints on suitable media. Make sure the potential printer can handle the types of paper, card stock, or specialty equipment you need to use.


Good printers have multiple connection options. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are common wireless solutions, while Ethernet cables and USB connections are generally faster wired options. The best printers allow easy remote control and printing through internet connectivity.


Bigger printers aren’t always better. Depending on the types of art prints a user produces, having the ability to put an image on a larger canvas may be unnecessary. Check the maximum possible sizes to print and decide if you need this scale for your fine art prints. There’s no reason to spend more money on extra print space that you won’t be using.

How much you can expect to spend on a printer for fine art prints

You can find a printer that produces high quality fine art prints in smaller sizes for less than $500. If you need larger prints or the best quality images possible, it may be worth investing in a higher-end model, which can exceed $1,000.

Top printer for fine art prints FAQ

Should I get a laserjet or an inkjet?

A. Laserjets cost less in the long run but cost more upfront. Laserjets can print higher volume faster. However, the superior color saturation of liquid ink in an inkjet allows for sharper photo and fine art print quality. To print professional, high-quality fine art prints, an inkjet is worth the time and money. If you need a printer that can produce large volumes of prints quickly, a laser jet could be the answer.

Should your printer have other functions?

A. All-in-one machines that print, scan, make copies and more are great. Multifunction printers can be a good investment for tackling many different printing jobs or projects. For fine art prints in particular, it may be better to invest the same money in a higher quality dedicated printing machine capable of producing highly detailed professional work and larger prints.

What is the best printer for fine art prints to buy?

Best printer for fine art prints

Epson SureColor P900

What do you want to know: This is the best inkjet printer for easily making clear, professional quality fine art prints at home or in the office.

What you will love: It can handle many types and sizes of paper, including photo and fine art paper. It handles everything up to 17 inches, so you’re not terribly limited in terms of scale. It prints crisp black and white with vibrant colors. Users can print wirelessly from computers, phones, tablets or other connected devices to start printing from anywhere. Photo and matte black inks have separate dedicated nozzles so users don’t have to change ink cartridges.

What you should consider: It is an expensive investment.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

Budget printer for fine art prints

Canon TS8320 All-in-One

Canon TS8320 All-in-One

What do you want to know: This inkjet model is an affordable, easy-to-use option that can produce high-resolution fine art prints.

What you will love: It can accept thick paper or cardstock materials and feeds from the back and front. It comes in a few different colors and has a large LCD touchscreen to operate the controls. You can control it with voice commands if it’s paired with Alexa. It connects via Wi-Fi to your network for prints, scans and copies.

What you should consider: The print speed is only around 15 pages per minute, so it’s a bit slow if you need to produce a high volume of fine art prints.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Epson Expression Premium EcoTank

Epson Expression Premium EcoTank

What do you want to know: This supertank inkjet printer will work for years without the need to change cartridges.

What you will love: This model has trays for loading many types of paper in the front and back. The ink will last without the need for replacement for approximately two years or 9,000 color pages, whichever comes first. The machine is available in a traditional printer size and a wide format to handle prints up to 17 inches.

What you should consider: The machine is quite large and takes up more space than most printers.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

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