AppDate: fast photo printing with Fujifilm

Fujifilm Print A Photo

Fujifilm South Africa has unveiled an application called Print A Photie app, which allows for quick printing of digital photos.

With the app on a smartphone or tablet, users can select their images to send for printing to one of over 70 Fujifilm-supported print shops in South Africa. Users can also print photos directly from their PC on the Print A Photie website: Prints can then be picked up in store the same day or delivered by courier for an additional fee.

How it works

Users can select images from a smart device or a connected Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or Twitter account.

There are several print sizes to choose from, including the standard 10 x 15 cm jumbo print, up to A5, A4 and A3 poster sizes. Users can select as many photos as they want and opt for multiple prints of the same photo.

The app uses GPS to display the nearest Fujifilm dealers. It uses a secure payment gateway, and one can pay through the app or upon collection.

  • Platform: Android, iOS and any computer with an up-to-date internet browser
  • Expect to pay: a free download
  • Resellers: follow the links above

RA ETF Service

FNB now offers its clients the possibility of purchasing a retirement annuity (RA) easily on the FNB banking app without having to fill out any forms. Clients can get digital AR without paying financial advisor fees or investment processing fees. These reduced costs ensure that more of clients’ contributions are invested, increasing their retirement savings over time. The only cost is the asset management fee charged by the investment management company responsible for growing a client’s investment.

ETF clients will also earn eBucks reward points, based on their investment balance. Customers who use pooled transactional bank accounts do not incur platform administration fees on their retirement annuities or other types of products.

The feature has five investment options that provide an appropriate balance between risk protection and inflation-linked returns. This allows clients to have a range of options that match the type of retirement they want to achieve. One of the options includes the new low-fee ETF Basic Balanced Fund.

From the moment users log into the FNB app and begin the process of investing in their FNB retirement annuity, they have full control over their retirement savings and can perform tasks such as choosing the right fund best suit their purposes and name their beneficiaries.

  • Platform: Any device with an up-to-date internet browser
  • Expect to pay: a free download
  • Resellers: Visit the FNB site here

TopAuto Driving Cost Calculator

TopAuto has launched a Driving Cost Calculator, which makes it easier to determine how much a driver will pay in fuel and toll charges while traveling in South Africa.

To calculate the total cost of driving, users only need to fill in three fields: starting point, destination and vehicle.

The calculator then provides detailed information about their trip, including:

  • The distance to their destination
  • How long the trip will take
  • The cost of fuel
  • How much they have to pay in toll fees
  • The total cost of the trip

Platform: Any device with an up-to-date internet browser
Expect to pay: a free service

Dealers: Visit TopAuto’s Cost of Driving Calculator here

OneDayOnly Daily Essentials Page has launched an Everyday Essentials page. The page is populated with what the company believes are everyday essentials for the South African household. These include cleaning, baby, hygiene and grooming products – most at discounted rates.

“The pandemic has driven up the price of almost every item at the grocery store,” says Laurian Venter, director of sales and marketing at We realized we were in a position to help South Africans save money, thanks to the relationships we have with many of the best wholesalers in South Africa. We then leveraged those relationships and designed a new section of our website specifically dedicated to helping South Africans save money on the basic necessities they use every day.

  • Platform: Any device with an up-to-date internet browser
  • Expect to pay: a free service
  • Resellers: Visit the essentials page here.

Kaspersky [Dis]bound

Kaspersky has released a game based on a mobile cybersecurity quest called [Dis]bound. The interactive adventure is a dive into the daily routine of someone in the near future who is looking to maintain a healthy work-life balance and achieve success in both career and relationships. To complement traditional corporate security awareness training programs, the game demonstrates the benefits of secure behavior and can be used to reinforce what employees have learned.

According to a recent Kaspersky survey of IT and cybersecurity practitioners, 50% of companies currently have cybersecurity courses in place. However, some employees may be reluctant to participate in such training programs. Staff members may believe they might be forced to do someone else’s job, and they just don’t see the impact of cybersecurity on their lives. Therefore, even when they have completed the course and learned the best practices, they can still act as they did before completing the training.

Players must solve a number of professional and personal challenges. The game is based on characters working in a factory, which is going to be acquired by a competitor. The conditions of acquisition depend on the success of the projects of the players. In their private life, the goal is not to break up with their partners, unhappy to spend less time together. All this while maintaining good relations with colleagues and remaining productive.

Cybersecurity elements are naturally integrated into the plot to show how decisions can help or break the character’s goals. For example, players who waste time will not improve their productivity and will not be able to complete projects on time. In total, during the game, a user will have to solve 24 cases covering issues such as passwords and accounts, email, web browsing, social networks, PC security and mobile devices.

The story has several alternate endings depending on the decisions made. Users receive a summary of their success in the project and what is going on in their personal lives, as well as an assessment of their security skills and knowledge.

The hour-long gameplay is delivered in ten-minute sessions, making it more digestible and helping the player retain knowledge.

  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Expect to pay: a free download but [Dis]connected is currently only available to enterprise customers
  • Resellers: a free demo version of the game is available on App Store and Google Play

Elaine F. Brim