Affordable, museum-quality art prints, filling a gap in the market

You will never regret filling your home with works of art that inspire and uplift you every day.

Sonya Rothwell, Artist and Chief Alchemist of GalleryBeautiful, takes an inclusive approach to contemporary art by launching collections of affordable, museum-quality fine art prints.

“There is a huge gap in the market for affordable, high-quality fine art prints,” says Sonya Rothwell; “Most decoration companies sell mass-produced ‘art’ in the form of poor quality posters without artist signatures, stamps and certificates that are poorly printed.”

Traditionally, fine art prints are created in small quantities as editions and sold at high prices that are not accessible to most people. Gallery Beautiful fills this gap in the art market. Believing that art could be more inclusive, they decided to price their fine art prints the same way stores price any product, with only a small markup after the cost of production. , but without compromising quality. A lower profit margin for them means a huge increase in quality and affordability for their customers.

Creating an eclectic gallery wall style in your home can be very expensive as a lot of artwork is needed and the price, including framing, can really add up. Gallery Beautiful’s affordable fine art prints are digitally printed with the latest state-of-the-art technology on a wide range of museum-quality Hahnemühle giclée fine art papers or professional Fuji, Kodak and Ilford photographic papers to suit each artwork, from just £55.

“Only buy art you really like. You will never regret filling your home with works of art that inspire and uplift you every day,” says Sonya, who is also a fine artist. Sonya’s eye for art, color, composition and extensive knowledge of print draws on many years as a designer, art director and visual artist after her formal art training at the renowned school of Central St Martins University, London.

Sonya is a prolific creator of collectible contemporary art and bespoke home decor furniture inspired by her paintings, blurring the lines of art and design. Her work is infused with spirit – an inspiration – exploring energy and human connection. Sonya paints empyrean consciousness speaking out (or large-scale summaries of the cosmos). And draws figuratively from his own life, the people and things around him, laying bare his subjects leaving only their essence behind.

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Hugh Ballantyne, an avid collector says; “I have collected Sonya Rothwell’s works for years and love her work. Her beauty and sensitivity are a great strength, but it’s how Sonya captures the emotion of a moment or a world and translates it to paper that really excites me.

Gallery Beautiful is about to release new museum quality Sonya Rothwell prints at very affordable prices. Eclectic collections of Sonya’s sensual drawings and paintings (both figurative and abstract), sketchbook pages, captivating photographs of her travels, observations and the people she meets along the way. Differing in styles, mediums and scale, Sonya’s prints fit together beautifully and are available at

If you find choosing artwork to be mind-boggling in a world awash with amazing art, Gallery Beautiful offers an art curation service that carefully selects pieces to complement your color palette, style, space and your budget. From around the world, from emerging to internationally recognized artists, from £195 per room at

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Sonya Rothwell creates from the heart seeing art as spiritual alchemy – the divine dance of creation from inspiration. Her oil paintings of empyrean consciousness expressing itself (from which her set designs derive) are created by what she calls ‘cosmoses’ – subtly absorbed blends with universal forces. “We are all made of stars, intertwined and infinite.”

Sonya Rothwell’s eye for art, style, color, composition and her extensive knowledge of print was built over many years as a designer, art director and visual artist after her formal art training at the famous Central St Martins, London.

Sonya Rothwell is the Chief Alchemist of Gallery Beautiful – an eco-ethical art and design house renowned for its award-winning art, luxury decor and home furnishings. Available at the gallery (by appointment only) located in her beautiful National Trust listed house, surrounded by an enchanting National Trust garden in Wiltshire. And online at

Being a nomadic free spirit always in search of color and culture, Sonya loves adventure. Her desire to leave no stone unturned regularly pushes her off the beaten path, allowing her to take sacred time to also travel inside – the source of her inspiration and the essence of her work. Wanderlust abounds, she climbed the Himalayas to heaven (known as Swargarohini in Sanskrit; Swarga meaning ‘sky’ and Arohini meaning ‘ascent’) to reach for the stars from the highest place on Earth, while she was making her own journey to Swarga.

Sonya Rothwell art+ luxury home accessories are eco-ethical, sustainable and made to order, encouraging people to #BuyLess. Their sales support Sonya’s umbrella charity, Temple Beautiful – a center of spirit; the arts, meditation, wellness + higher consciousness – helping underprivileged children live a better life. Formed from her desire, as Gandhi said, to “be the change” she wishes to see in the world and to empower many beautiful children she meets on her travels.

Tribe Beautiful – a worldwide community of magic makers; conscious co-creators restoring our beautiful world. As the Dalai Lama says; “The planet doesn’t need more successful people, it desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.”
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For press inquiries, please contact:
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