ADLAR Studio Brings Unique Limited Edition Fine Art Prints of Analia Saban and Shane Guffogg to Life Using Augmented Reality

The AR print publishing studio launches with two new fine art prints from renowned artists; Projects of Marilyn Minter, Kenny Scharfand Matthew Brandt scheduled for fall

LOS ANGELES, August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ADLAR Studio, the fine art print publishing company, today launched its digital augmented reality (AR) platform to bring to life a series of limited-edition prints for art enthusiasts. art from around the world. Using creative special effects and world-class technologists, many of whom have decades of experience working in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, ADLAR creates works of art in the emerging AR genre. ADLAR Studio enables fine art to be experienced on the wall and as an enhanced digital asset through its new free mobile app, now available for iPhone users.

Launch with prints of Analia Sabanand Shane Guffogg and our never-before-seen AR-enabled technology, these works are available for purchase through at $4,900 and $3,950respectively.

Additionally, ADLAR Studio is in development on future projects with Marilyn Minter, Kenny Scharfand Matthew Brandt, among many other artists. The studio plans to make announcements in the coming months as the studio builds its collection of print and digital artwork.

“More and more people are discovering art in different ways, and we are delighted that ADLAR Studio is bringing both traditional engraving and cutting-edge AR technologies to fine art collectors and new digital natives, whether they’re just starting to collect or have established collections,” said Larry W. Jones, co-founder of ADLAR Studio. “The technology now available on our mobile devices ushers in a whole new way to experience traditional burning. This is just the beginning of our contribution to building the metaverse of the future.”

The “RA” in Art

The ADLAR Studio app was created using the Unity game engine and Apple’s ARKit development platform for iOS devices to bring these ADLAR art prints to life with augmented reality in one click. ADLAR works with a group of award-winning VFX technicians who are proficient in 3D animation, volumetric capture, artificial intelligence, world-building, motion capture, and digital humans, among other skills. To activate a limited edition ADLAR print, simply open the ADLAR app, scan the image, and the AR comes to life.

“I am inspired by technology and I always think about how new technologies change the course of art history. In the same way that the introduction of industrial processes, new pigments or photography has had a profound effect on art, I have been thinking about how crypto, NFTs, virtual and augmented realities will affect the way we make and consume art. It was a pleasure to work with Larry, Adam and their staff at ADLAR on how to translate my practice into a new project that incorporates Augmented Reality Larry’s experience creating cutting-edge AR digital content and Adam’s understanding of the collaborative nature of fine art printmaking make it an ideal solution for artists like me who want to explore these fascinating emerging technologies. Analia Saban

“We are thrilled to launch ADLAR Studio with Analia Saban and Shane Guffogg. It’s a dream come true to work directly with artists to help them bring their art to life in the physical and virtual worlds,” said Adam F. Grossco-founder of ADLAR Studio.

Co-founders Adam F. Gross and Larry W. Jones brought together years of experience making fine art prints with Gross at Lapis Press and creating content with Jones at Viacom/CBS, to create ADLAR Studio, a company that focuses on the shared passion of co -founders to marry traditional visual art with highly experienced digital experts, engineers and technologists.

The ADLAR app is now available for download from the Apple App Store and will be rolling out to Google Play in the coming months. To learn more about ADLAR Studio and how to purchase the artwork or experience AR, visit

About ADLAR Studio
We combine the highest quality limited edition prints with state of the art augmented reality (AR) activations. ADLAR Studio brings together talented and provocative artists, master printers and award-winning world-class special effects experts and engineers to create the highest quality prints and bring them to life via AR. The ADLAR Studio team pushes the limits of what is possible in augmented reality.

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