8×10 sells your Instagrams as art prints in just a few clicks

Instagram’s photo focus tends to drive artists to the social network and a startup is trying to help artists make money by selling these Instagrams as art prints. 8×10 is a new iOS app that aims to help artists and photographers sell their work on Instagram, eliminating the need to create a separate online store.

8×10 handles the selling, printing, and shipping processes, letting the artist simply create the artwork and set up selling in the app to start selling prints. The app allows Instagrammers to sell their images as limited-edition framed prints, creating a link for followers to order the piece.

In the app, artists upload a high resolution image used for printing and Instagram posting. The app guides artists through the different options to set a price, terms and hashtags as well as title the work. Once complete, the app sends this information to the Instagram app, where the artist completes writing the post using the pre-generated information from the app. 8×10 can also create a graphic showing the image inside a frame for posting, or users can simply share the actual image being printed.


The app also allows artists to sign artwork by using the touchscreen to add a signature, or by uploading a signature file or graphic to use as a stamp instead of a signature. Limited edition prints are also numbered. Images are printed on cotton fine art paper with archival ink, say 8×10.

Followers on Instagram will see the image, captions and hashtags, along with a link to order the print.

Launched by the same people behind Recently, the app that creates a magazine from an iPhone’s camera roll, Scott and Elizabeth Valins wanted to create a platform to help artists monetize their work. The duo launched the company on April 12.

“What’s been transformative for artists like us is how Instagram has allowed us to reach global audiences that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach. However, it’s a complicated road between having a following and be able to sell and make purchases of art,” Scott Valins said in a statement. “I can’t tell you how many of our incredibly talented peers consistently turn down requests from their fans because the process of making archival art is too complicated, takes too long and costs too much.”

8×10 isn’t the first platform to try letting artists sell Instagram, but existing options like Twenty20 focus on selling the graphics as stock images, not prints. art.

The iOS 8×10 app is free to download – the company earns its revenue by taking a portion of the sale of images, a discount which is listed when artists set the price of the print in the app. The application is now available on the App Store.

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