5 fine art prints you need from the POSTER CLUB

One of the hardest things about buying wall art is finding prints and posters that are actually original; for a footprint says nothing about you if all the other houses in the street have one too. But that’s what makes THE POSTER CLUB particularly special. Founded in 2015 by Thomas Nissen, THE POSTER CLUB’s unique selection of handpicked posters enables them to produce a range of distinctive, hard-to-find prints that bring the desired Scandinavian aesthetic to the heart of any home. Check out five of the standout prints from THE POSTER CLUB’s latest collection below.

THE POSTER CLUB Sunset Vibes Printed by Loulou Avenue

Rear Avenue LouLou is Liv Ann van der Laan, a Dutch visual artist inspired by human expression, music, street style and vintage portrait photography. Her work, mostly in ink or charcoal, is dreamy and refined with some rough edges. Nothing more impressive than the Sunset Vibes Print which is one of THE POSTER CLUB’s limited edition prints for 2018.

THE POSTER CLUB New Form 02 Print by Riikka Kantinkoski

“For me, beautiful things don’t need to be polished and new, because I think perfections are imperfect. I draw my inspiration mainly from nature. I love long walks, lazy mornings and the smell of the summer forest. Finishing stylist and interior design Riikka Kantinkoski uses these inspirations to create simple geometric shapes and refined color palettes that incorporate simple shades, lines and colors into contemporary art prints – as you can see on our favorite poster, the New Form 02 Print.

THE POSTER CLUB Naive poster by Lisa Wirenfelt

Because THE POSTER CLUB collaborates with a range of different influencers across Scandinavia, the prints they offer are quite eclectic. This naive print by Lisa Wirenfelt maintains the prevalent minimalist approach of THE POSTER CLUB prints, but injects vibrant flair and color alongside beautiful patterns and textures to add an unpredictable direction to the art print collection.

THE POSTER CLUB No.10 Print by Mogensen Lopez

It is the balance between raw and raw that makes all of Mogensen’s pieces so special, as the tension between the controlled and the uncontrolled ensures that each composition is both dramatic and contemporary. This #10 print is a particular favorite as the color clashes and water color create a dreamlike expression of a colorful and abstract universe. A little better than your average art print.

THE POSTER CLUB Cart Print by Christina Kayser O.

Photographer Christina Kayser O. is known for looking beyond the obvious to capture the magic of the moment. She has a soft spot for the unique vibes she feels when traveling to places like California, Israel, Berlin and New York. And in collaboration with THE POSTER CLUB, his unique portraits and snapshots of everyday life will be remembered forever.

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Elaine F. Brim