17 Black Instagram Travel Photographers Offering Framed Prints

Instagram collage offers visual art that can keep us staring at the screen for hours. The photo grid speaks to our eyes, making us pause in awe before swiping to see the next beautiful piece of art. So where better to find some of today’s most talented black photographers?

Rich colors and black and white. Urban landscapes and images of nature. Indonesia, Nigeria, United States, Trinidad and Tobago. Works by artists come from all over the world and pour onto your screen every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to decorate your walls with the work of artists who make you want to travel?

Find the travel inspiration you’re looking for in 2022. Then support these black artists by purchasing prints for your wall. Imagine walking past the work of your favorite artists daily as you walk through your home.

These black Instagram travel photographers speak volumes through their photographs. Plus, their prints are available for purchase. Decorate your walls with photographs from these 17 top Black Instagram travel photographers who offer framed prints.

3. Sam Muchai


Sam Muchai creates works from his stunning aerial photographs. Take her images straight from Instagram and put them on your walls to wow you while cooking breakfast or inspire you while working from home.

GI: @muchaii

6. Brandon Joseph


Brandon Joseph describes himself as “Motivated by a love for cultural diversity, unity and global citizenship” and says he has traveled the world “to experience all there is in life and more”.

GI: @gr8mnd

7. Christine Nwabugo


This black travel photographer’s images have a warm yet dark vintage vibe. Christina Nwabugo is also a director and designer, which is evident in her elaborate and detailed images.

GI: @bynwabugo

8. Edward Barnieh


Edward Barnieh travels Asia capturing every angle of Asian travel. Its vivid colors matched to its nocturnal images can give you chills. Add an image from his latest collection, The streets won’t forget on your walls this year.

GI: @edwardkb

10. Tristan Onfroy


Tristan Onfroy has an eye for travel photography. His images come from Asia, Europe and the United States. Onfroy started out as a hobby skateboard photographer and transitioned into music, before heading to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a professional photographer.

GI: @tristanvision

11. Ashley Johnson


Ashley Johnson is a traveler, photographer and storyteller. She combines these assets on Instagram and tells wonderful short stories through her posts. His art is already popular in many homes across the country and even in the Netherlands.

GI: @hiaj

16. AJ Sylvester


AJ Sylvester was born in Trinidad and Tobago and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her shots are soft, colorful and inspiring. His city and landscape photographs are perfect for framing and hanging on your walls.

GI: @nu_jeru

Elaine F. Brim