15+ unique art prints to honor your favorite cities across the United States

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From New York to Los Angeles, from Chicago to St. Louis, American cities have a lot to offer tourists and locals alike. Spectacular skylines include landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the United States Capitol Building. Unique familiar sites can be less dramatic but just as evocative. A local donut shop, mid-century gas station, or thriving public market can symbolize a city.

Etsy, a hub of local artists, has myriad options for every city and every aesthetic taste. Read on to find a print or sketch to commemorate your favorite city.

Buy an art print to honor your hometown, the city of your dreams, or anywhere in between.

New York, New York

NYC cafe print

CuteSalute Prints | $34+

New Yorkers love their coffee. Get this cute print with cups from some of the city’s iconic cafes. If you’d rather honor other aspects of the city, consider this artistic take on orange subway seats, a minimalist homage to Lincoln Center, or a dreamlike sketch of Central Park in the fall.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Print

hand paper | $19.90

The Elephant Super Car Wash, rendered by Seattle-based artist Eleanor Doughty, was once a familiar sight at the corner of Denny and 7th Avenue downtown. His work is a whimsical view of the rainy Pacific Northwest city. You can also fully embrace the rich colors of the area with this minimalist poster.

washington d.c.

Print of Washington DC Townhouses

lunchcitystudio | $22

Our nation’s capital is a vibrant and beautiful city well worth exploring far beyond the National Mall. The stunning, colorful townhouses are a sight to behold. Hang a famous local institution on your wall with a print like this one from Capital Hill Books in the Southeast.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

OliviaMotleyArt | $20+

As you walk through the French Quarter of New Orleans, balconies are perhaps second only to donuts. From the city’s unique above-ground tombs to a rich jazz heritage, the historic city has something for everyone.

Atlanta, Georgia

Skyline of Atlanta Georgia

BugsyAndSprite | $17.60+

Atlanta is a bustling and diverse southern metropolis. From the tree-lined beltline to the grand skyline, ATL is worth the trip and an art print. Get to know the neighborhoods before your visit with this piece.

Miami, Florida

Miami Movie Print

byArtica | $29.90+

Miami may be a colorful city, but nothing says Miami-cool like a vintage-style black and white “movie” poster. Be a beach bum or frolic with Tito the Cafecito, an unofficial mini mascot.

Denver, Colorado

Denver Tree Ring Print

LintonArt | $60

When you’re a mile up in Denver, the mountains and nature surround you. This amazing woodcut of a tree ring (cut from a naturally fallen tree near Denver) will enchant any nature lover. The Denver Big Blue Bear statue and a bucket list from Colorado to hang on your wall will also be hits.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco Chinatown

MyanSoffia | $17+

These red lanterns hanging in the streets of Chinatown will bring you straight to San Francisco. If you’ve left your heart set on this coastal town, you’ll love this print of classic townhouse architecture and this misty painting of Coit Tower at night.

Portland, Maine

Portland Maine Breweries

ReturnCards | $17+

True foodies and brewery connoisseurs love Portland. The city combines historic architecture, coastal views and easy access to vast nature.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Michigan

mapologist | $19+

Detroit has long been an industrial city. Embrace that past with an industrial-chic metal Great Lakes wall hanging. A vintage-inspired travel poster featuring a classic car is also deeply symbolic.

Boston, MA

Boston food

LaurelGreenfieldArt | $15+

Artist Laurel Greenfield paints culinary portraits of this New England town that will practically have you tasting lobster. Let his work transport you to a baseball game at Fenway, or pay homage to Yankees favorite Dunkin’. If you prefer to park your car at Harvard Yard (technically in Cambridge), you will need to take the T.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Movie Poster

CanvasTravelPrints | $6.75+

The city of cinema is perfectly honored with a cinematic poster. Choose a pulp fiction style or a Mid-Century model. You can also think outside the box with this classic pennant.

Chicago, Ill.

Chicago Art Print

WonderCity Studio | $29+

Windy City has a lot to offer. If you prefer a traditional homage to the beautiful and diverse homes of the metropolis, there’s a classic print for you. For a unique 3D vibe, try a wood-carved topographic piece. Honor all of Ferris Bueller’s iconic adventures and the city’s magnificent art museums with this charming print of the character Cameron observing pointillism.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Missouri

MrCityPrinting | $45

Known for its spectacular 530-foot-tall Gateway Arch, the St. Louis skyline is beautiful carved from wood paneling or sketched in ink. Remembering all your favorite parts of this famous city is easy with this typographic poster.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada Neon Sign

NicoleGalinasDesigns | $35+

What happens in Vegas can stay in Vegas, but you can definitely bring the essence of Sin City home with this neon sign. Vintage-style photos and cute sketches will also provide year-round Vegas fun.

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