10 cheerful art prints that will brighten up your walls

10 cheerful art prints that will brighten up your walls


10 cheerful art prints that will brighten up your walls

As the weather turns and we realize that our future will likely include a lot more time indoors, you may be looking to give your decor a new look.

In recent years, the art print market has exploded and high quality art prints can be easily purchased online at a relatively low price. Which is great for people who want to zhuzh their walls.

Buying art is of course very much down to personal taste, but we’ve rounded up 10 prints that make us smile.

Whether you are looking for a piece of art to adorn a room or a room to refresh your existing decor, there is something for everyone.

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Secret garden art print by Alice Berry

This abstract piece, one of a limited edition of 10, is by Auckland painter Alice Berry.

Known for painting with emotion, vivid color and freedom, this piece is typical of Berry’s works which hold a certain softness and playfulness.

Gull Over Anawhata Art Print by Guy Harkness

Guy Harkness is a painter living in Mount Eden, working primarily in oil on canvas.

His paintings feature iconic and completely unknown New Zealand landscapes. This coin depicts scenic Anawhata, a quiet west coast beach just north of Piha.

Cambridge Matted Art Print by Karl Maughan

The distinctive works of Karl Maughan are well known in contemporary New Zealand art. The garden theme has been a mainstay of his work for the past twenty years and we still love them.

Using a palette of jewel tones, he paints flora and fauna in full bloom.

Capri Art Print by Vitor Esteves

Self-taught photographer and passionate traveler, Vitor Esteves creates stunning aerial photographs captured with a drone camera.

This breathtaking shot of the coast of Capri is typical of his artful and atmospheric style.

Blue Dots Abstract by Jorey Hurley

Jorey Hurley is a textile designer turned children’s picture book author based in San Francisco.

In addition to a fine line of stationary art prints, she creates beautiful abstract art like this that is printed on thick cold pressed paper using archival inks.

Spicy Bunch Art Print by Abbey Merson

Abbey Merson is a self-taught painter who has spent 15 years working as a framer, so she knows a thing or two about making high quality fine art prints.

Merson’s art is deeply inspired by nature, people, color, the wonderful world we live in, and the daily challenges of life itself.

Marrakech Riad Art Print by helobirdie

Auckland-based artist Joanne Ho, who works under the moniker helobirdie, creates sunny whimsical paintings that depict sunny spots and waterfront scenes you want to dive into.

For example, this peaceful scene of a Riad courtyard.

Risograph print ping pong 3 colors by Max Machen

Max Machen is an award-winning illustrator based in Glasgow.

Her whimsical prints have a handmade look and delicious naive color. He creates Risograph prints, a technique similar to screen printing that is popular in zine making due to its quirky variability.

Iris Flowers Art Print by Alice Charman

Alice Charman draws inspiration for her works of art saturated with plants and flowers as well as more abstract interpretations. She likes to use contrasting and bright colors and layer them to great effect.

Its Iris print features cornflower blue irises with orange accents and green stems, on a powder pink background.

Next Right Vase, Next Left Risograph printed by We are out of office

We are out of office consists of Felix van Dam and Winneke de Groot, two Dutch graphic designers who run a small studio in a cherry orchard just outside of Utrecht.

Their bold and colorful work is inspired by small rarities they pick up and collect on their travels around the world.

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