10 Best Custom Art Prints to Personalize Your Home

One of the easiest ways to add personality and warmth to your home is to decorate with art that means something to you. Custom 3D portraits, custom embroidery, and even artwork based on sound waves or your birth chart are just a few of the cool ways to fit you and your loved ones into your space. These Etsy picks offer a little something for every style and occasion.


Illustrated family portrait

This custom digital illustration is a fun new take on the family photo.


Custom hand-embroidered portrait

Go for it with an intricately detailed embroidery hoop portrait.


Custom 3D paper portrait

For art that really pops on your walls, try one of these amazing 3D portraits.


Custom 3D Pet Portrait

Or show off your pup instead with the pet version of this 3D paper art piece.


Star Map Birth Chart Print

A fun idea for a nursery or child’s room: this star map print representing the time of their birth.


Custom Best Friend Portrait


Custom House Sketch Print

This custom house sketch print is a great alternative to family portraits and makes a great housewarming gift.


Custom sound wave printing

If you have a recording of someone talking or a snippet of a song you love, turn it into a digital sound wave printout.


8-bit pixel portrait printing

All video game fans will love this clever 8-bit pixelated family portrait.


Custom Silhouettes

You can’t go wrong with a simple silhouette, and this print can be done in dozens of colors.

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Elaine F. Brim