The 7 Best Places to Buy Fine Art Prints Online

All those weekends wandering around gallery shows in the Meatpacking District rubbed off on us. We mysteriously started wearing berets, black turtlenecks and scarves – the official brand mime artist’s uniform. We may not have gone to art school, but we recognize a good accent piece when we see it, whether it’s a luxurious wall hanging spotted through the window of a classy brownstone or just a random naked statue in the park.

Creating a fabulous vibe we totally have our life together is possible in any living space with a bit of decorative art, and there’s no shortage of sites selling fine art prints ranging from the super affordable (from artists that are still under the radar) to the ultra high end (if you have $24,000 to deposit on an original Roy Lichtenstein). If you’re looking for independent artist prints that are bold, abstract, modern, and everything in between, here are some of the retailers to browse to satisfy your aesthetic cravings. Of course, Van Gogh ” The starry Night “ is a classic, but you can still just build a Lego version. (We know, crazy.)


Don’t be fooled by its affordable prices; Company6 has a stunning selection of canvas and framed prints, as well as retro posters by independent artists. As a bonus, the site always has great sales on its various merchandise, which in addition to prints also includes homewares, bedding, and more. The hardest part is not to feel overwhelmed by the options. One of our favourites: this gradation with orange tones, which reminds us our favorite sunset lampwhile this cherry tongue disco ball action might accentuate this sexy planter.

$9:25 p.m. at Company6

$150$127.50 at Company6

Spooky season is upon us, and this black cat is bringing us that H-ween energy, while still being cool enough to keep up with all year round. Purr.

$117$99.45 at Company6


1stDibs is an awesome online antique store, but it’s also so much more, including a high-end vintage consignment store and even a platform for crypto freaks trying to snag NFT. It’s also a great place to extraordinary cop art, including both prints by newer artists and legacy pieces up for auction. There are tons of framed and unframed prints to brighten up your space (and make great conversation starters), like this piece from Alice Oehr of a bag of Valencian oranges, because scurvy isn’t cute.

$150 at 1stDibs

Looking for something from a famous artist? Take this jazzy Keith Haring print of a wavy guy.

$403.36 at 1stDibs


Accustomed to hanging out Max Fish? Do you have a subscription to the Whitney? You’ll find a wide selection of stellar vintage and contemporary art online at pulpit. Some parts cost an arm and a leg, but they have excellent selections less than $100 if you are trying to save money. This impression of a Diet Coke speaks to us, because the sound when you open a cold one is art itself.

$250$180 at pulpit


Etsy has everything under the sun that is the epitome of cool, so there’s no doubt that they have intricate artwork that will look much better on the wall than your paint-by-numbers kit. Stop trying to use your Art 101 class skills – it’s just not working for you, mate – and support independent artists on the net who are making legitimate masterpieces. First step: buy this portrait of royal cats.

$49.99$34.99 at Etsy

The Met Store

Walking around the Metropolitan Museum of Art with all the Upper East Siders is a vibe. The Met’s online store allows us to bring home those feelings of old money. How? With its curated collection of art prints and posters featuring everyone we heard about at this college art history conference. Hang an affordable, high-quality print from a master, from Monet’s lilies to Pollock’s splashes to Edward Hopper’s peek atop houses from the Williamsburg Bridge.

$75 at The Met Store

$28 at The Met Store

$75 at The Met Store


An after-dinner mint from Olive Garden brings us unparalleled pleasure, but the decor Struck offers us an artgasm in its own right. On the site, you will find the most recent creations from a truckload of independent artists. This watercolor paradise transports us to another dimension, while these characters whispering sweet nothings to each other make us think of sex and gossip, two of our favorite things.

$98 at Struck

$116 at Struck


eBay has such a special place in our hearts. It feels like yesterday we were bidding on someone’s old pink iPod shuffle. These memories never leave our heads, so of course we went around the market to browse its range of classical works. Bid on dope pieces like a Neckface print or an old Ray Pettibon zine.

$425 at eBay

$427.49 at eBay

Meet at the museum.

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Elaine F. Brim