Photo printing startup Chatbooks acquires Guesterly, a print event directory – TechCrunch

Chatbooks, a subscription service for printed photo books, has acquired Guesterly, a company that creates pocket-size printed event guides.

Founded in 2014, Chatbooks has raised $2.1 million in seed funding and will sell its millionth photobook by the end of 2015.

Here’s how the service works: For $8 each, the startup will automatically gather photos from all your social media platforms and print them into a 60-page commemorative photo book. Essentially, the startup wants to help you easily tell your ongoing life story through a proven platform – photo albums.

Now enter Guesterly, a self-funded startup based in Salt Lake City. The company connects people at events like weddings and conferences by creating a passport-size photo list of all attendees…essentially like a physical Facebook just for your event.

So what do these two startups have in common?

Both focus on creating and capturing memories using printed photo books as the physical medium.

One service focuses on using the medium to enhance an actual event, while the second wants to use printed books to enhance post-event memories. Once you’re working under one brand, it’s easy to see how the two services can work together to deliver a unified printing experience for event planners and attendees.

Chatbooks CEO Nate Quigley explained that “Impression enhances any experience, whether it’s a guesterly that helps you connect with new friends at a wedding or a Chatbook that then lets you effortlessly relive those incredible memories you made on the dance floor. We all want to keep our most important memories and relationships. »

At a time when the shift to digital is accelerating exponentially, it’s nice to see two successful startups adopting and succeeding on physical media.

Elaine F. Brim