Best photo printing apps to erase vacation photos from your phone ::

If your phone is full of vacation photos, it might be time to print out your favorites.

Not so long ago, amateur photographers had to drop or post cartridges of film into a processor and wait for the images to come back. Printing images is now much easier thanks to new technologies.

– Snapfish is an easy way to print your photos. The company gives you 100 4×6-inch prints for free every month, though you have to pay shipping. You can have them shipped to you directly or to a Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens store for pickup.

But it’s not just images: Snapfish will put images on items like cards, mugs and pillowcases. The smartphone app is free for iOS and Android.

– Kodak is still in the photo printing business. The Kodak Moments app lets you send photos to pick up at many retailers. Kodak will also ship the prints to your home address.

Like Snapfish, you can have images printed on gift items. The Kodak Moments app is free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

– M-Pix is ​​for people who need high quality prints. Printing prices are a bit higher, but so is the quality.

Users can customize the sizes and paper stocks of their prints. The M-Pix app itself is free for Android and iPhone.​

Elaine F. Brim